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What Does HVAC Stand For?


HVAC has long been a household term, but we forget sometimes that those four letters actually stand for something. Luckily, E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning is here to break it down for those of you just dying to know in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

H: Heating

A lot of product falls under heating; one of the most common heating solutions is the familiar furnace. E. Smith has experience with oil and gas furnaces of all models and makes. Of course, if you’re someone on the cutting edge of technology, a heat pump is probably the solution for you. This triple threat can heat, cool, and humidify, while also being ridiculously efficient. Fun fact: Heat pumps don’t create heat but pull existing heat out of the air.

V: Ventilation

Probably the least celebrated letter of HVAC is ventilation, the system which exchanges indoor and outdoor air in your home. This component may seem boring, but if you’ve ever been on an airplane, you understand its importance. The same concepts apply to your home; ventilation prevents unwanted moisture (read: mold potential) and pollutants. Here at E. Smith we have ventilators for circulating fresh air, virus-killing air purifiers, and even bacteria-fighting UV lamps to improve air quality.

AC: Air Conditioning

Now to a Sandy Springs favorite, good old air conditioning. What would we do without it? Our Carrier air conditioning systems are state of the art, which might have something to do with Carrier inventing the first modern air conditioner back in 1902. Naturally, technology has progressed since then. We now offer air conditioners for every need, even coastal corrosion protection for those southeastern Georgia residents.

Now that you’re clear on HVAC, we hope you’ll let us serve your needs at E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning. We’re experts on every component of HVAC and would be happy to show you the latest in heating, cooling, or ventilation technology. Give us a call today at 678-369-8866.

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