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Pros and Cons of UV Lamps for Air Filtration


Technology has made many advances in HVAC solutions, especially when it comes to air purification. For Marietta, Georgia, homeowners looking for a high-tech air filtration solution, UV lamps are a top contender. With that being said, it’s important to know their pros and cons.

Why UV Light?

Ultraviolet light has a unique characteristic in that it can eliminate harmful bacteria. When you pair UV lamps with an air filtration system, all of that bacteria is removed from your HVAC system and ductwork, resulting in cleaner, healthier air. UV lights have been used for air purification for years, but there were some installation challenges early on that left the lamps vulnerable or didn’t give the air enough time to pass underneath the UV light to reduce the mold and bacteria. Technology has changed, however, making UV lights in your filtration system a more viable option.

The Pros of UV Air Filtration

UV lights eliminate harmful bacteria in the air, reducing toxins and resulting in a cleaner home environment. This makes the air easier and more pleasant to breathe. UV air filtration is also silent, so you won’t even know the system is running.

The Cons of UV Air Filtration

Having a UV filtration system installed can be costly depending on the model, but there are various systems available to suit just about any budget. UV lamps are also designed to work with a particle filter, so you still need to replace your air filter regularly. Another downside is that UV purification doesn’t remove dust and most other allergens — it simply purifies the air to make it cleaner and healthier; it does not eliminate gas, cigarette smoke, and other fumes.

The Verdict

When you need to improve your home’s indoor air quality, consider a UV air filtration system. It will give you an extra layer of purification that can drastically improve your respiratory health and comfort.

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