Heating Installation and Replacement Services in Marietta, GA, & All Surrounding Areas

On a cold winter’s evening in Georgia, walking into a warm, comfortable home is one of life’s simple pleasures. A new heating installation from E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning ensures you’ll enjoy that experience for many, many winters to come.

Heater Installation Options

Providing the robust whole-home heating that families love, gas furnaces remain the most popular kind of heating system. Thanks to recent advancements in HVAC technology, heat pumps are increasingly popular too. Today’s energy-efficient heat pumps do a great job at keeping everyone warm and cozy. They can also save you money on heating expenses. From central air systems to ductless mini-splits, we offer heat pumps for every application. Many provide heating in the winter and keep you cool all summer long.

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When To Replace Your Heater

The best time for a new heater installation is before your current system stops working from old age. How do you know when that’s about to happen? If any of the following signs apply to your situation, you may wish to consider a new heat pump or furnace installation. Call us for a free consultation, and we’ll help you determine if now is the right time to upgrade your comfort.

  • Your current heating system is more than 15 years old.
  • Your heating equipment needs frequent repairs.
  • Your heating costs keep going up.
  • Your heater can’t keep every room comfortable.
  • Your equipment makes loud or unusual noises.
  • You often need to adjust the thermostat to keep everyone warm.

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Professional Heating Installation

No matter what type of heating system you choose, proper installation is foundational to your comfort. An incorrectly installed heater will suffer from poor performance. It can also drive up your operating costs by as much as 30%. Getting the size right is critical. A too-large system tends to cycle on and off frequently, wasting energy while subjecting you to uncomfortable swings in temperature. Undersized systems won’t deliver the all-encompassing warmth you want when temperatures plummet.

At E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, we take the time to size the equipment correctly. Our heating load calculations will determine the exact amount of power your new heating system will need. We’ll analyze every structural factor of your home to ensure your heater operates efficiently and effectively.

Since 1962, E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning has supplied expert heating installations throughout Marietta, GA, and the surrounding communities. We’re proud to provide the services you need to keep your home a warm and welcoming place.

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Our highly skilled, trained professionals are experienced in repair, inspection, replacement, preventive maintenance, tune-ups, and new AC installations.

E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning provides high quality service at reasonable prices. If you need an air conditioning repair or would like a quote for a new air conditioning system,

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