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Reduce Pet Dander in Your Home With These 3 Tips


Pet dander can wreak havoc on your Marietta, Georgia, home – especially if you have family members or guests that suffer from pet allergies. While you may love your furry friend, you would likely happily part with the dander that they produce. If you are looking to reduce the overall pet dander in your home, and help you and your loved ones breathe a little easier, try the following tips below.

Keep up With Grooming

Pet dander will build up on your pet’s skin and come loose adhering to their coat and then disperse all throughout the house as they move around. The best way to reduce the amount of dander circulating through the air in your home is by removing as much as possible before it shakes loose on your carpets, furniture, and air vents. Regularly brush and bathe your pets to reduce as much dander as possible.

Regularly Vacuum Your Home

Keeping the carpet, floors, and furniture regularly vacuumed in your home can reduce the amount of dander circulating through the air and taking up residence in the fabric of furniture and curtains. You should also make sure to keep your dog’s bedding and sleeping area vacuumed as well since this will be the area that will accumulate the most dander.

Maintain Your HVAC System

Even with routine cleaning and grooming of your pets, some of their dander will end up throughout your home’s HVAC system. There are a few maintenance tips that you can follow to reduce the amount of dander that accumulates. Make sure you change your air filter on a regular basis and consider types that can reduce allergens such as a HEPA filter. You should also have your ductwork inspected and schedule a cleaning when necessary to remove the accumulated dander in your vents and other parts of the ductwork.

Help keep your home both pet and family-friendly by following the tips above to reduce the dander in your home. If you would like more information on improving the air quality of your home, contact E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning today at 678-369-8866 today.

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