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Air Filters & Air Purifiers: How They Improve Indoor Air


Healthy Smyrna, Georgia, homes begin with clean air. Along with limiting exposure to pollution and ensuring adequate ventilation, air filters and air purifiers can help improve your home’s indoor air quality.

What to Look for With Air Filters

Air-filtering devices are rated not by the percentage of pollutants that the filters remove, but by their ability to transfer a specific amount of filtered air to a room (the Clean Air Delivery Rate). For example, if an air-filtering device claims to remove 99 percent of air pollutants, but it can clean only 10 cubic feet of space per minute, it will not be able to effectively clean a room measuring 1,000 cubic feet. 

Along with air-filtering devices, your home furnace also contains filters that can work to improve indoor air quality. Mechanical filters are available as either flat or pleated filters designed to capture large particulates. Pleated filters are generally more efficient at attracting particles than flat filters due to their greater surface areas. Electronic air filters are electrified to create static charges that attract particulates in the air.

What to Look for With Air Purifiers

Portable air purifiers bring air into the unit, filter the air, and release the filtered air back into a living space. Mechanical filters inside the unit absorb particulates. Some air purifier models feature activated carbon to absorb odors and pre-filters to capture large particles. 

E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning offers state-of-the-art air purifiers capable of removing the smallest particles (0.3 microns in size).

For best results, place a portable air purifier close to a specific pollutant source, such as a stove or an open living room window. This placement ensures that clean air can be immediately directed from the unit into the living space. Routine cleaning and filter replacement are both important when using an air purifier; follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Promoting healthy indoor air can help you combat allergens and pollutants that can trigger allergy and asthma symptoms. At E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, our home professionals can help you assess your home’s indoor air quality and recommend healthy home comfort solutions. Contact us at 678-369-8866.

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