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DIY HVAC Maintenance a Homeowner Can Complete


The long, hot summers and cool, damp winters in Marietta, GA, push your heating and cooling system to the max. In order for the equipment to run efficiently and smoothly, it requires regular maintenance. Keeping up with routine maintenance ensures a longer HVAC system lifespan, reduces repairs and lowers your utility bills. Read on to learn about three HVAC maintenance steps you can do as a homeowner.

Clean or Change the HVAC Filters

Once each month, check the HVAC filters. In most homes, they’re located in the air handling unit. According to the Department of Energy, replacing a dirty filter with a clean one could lower your electricity bills by 5% to 15%. Begin by turning off the power to the HVAC system. Slide the filter out. If you see dirt or debris, replace the filter. Insert a new, clean filter in the proper orientation. If it’s a disposable filter, write the date on it. Set a reminder on your phone to check the filter on the same date each month.

Sanitize the Condensate Line

In heat pumps and air conditioners, the condensate line drains moisture condensed out of your home’s air. The warm, wet and dark space is ideal for bacteria, mold and mildew. This biological growth can obstruct the drain, which may cause damage to your HVAC system. Once every three to six months, disconnect the condensate line. Pour a 10% bleach solution into it. Use a long brush to loosen any clogs you may see. Be sure to pour clear water down after the bleach solution. Then, reattach the line. If you’re not comfortable doing this maintenance, ask the technician at your next tune-up to show you how.

HVAC Maintenance Includes Clearing the Outdoor Unit

Clear brush, weeds and tall grass that grows around the outdoor condenser unit. The unit needs three feet of clearance on all sides for heat dissipation. Rake away leaves that accumulate near the unit’s base. If your dryer vent exhausts near the outdoor HVAC unit, regularly clean out the lint.

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