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3 Ways to Keep Your Condensate Line Unclogged in Alpharetta, GA


One of the main factors determining how efficiently your air conditioner operates throughout the year is making sure the condensate line is clear each season. The line can clog easily because bacterial growth and algae can grow inside causing a number of problems. If you want to be sure the condensate line remains unclogged, there are a few tips to follow to maintain the comfort in your home or office in Alpharetta, GA.

1. Clean the Parts

Cleaning the condensate line is crucial for removing any buildup that is present. Look for standing water that has accumulated in the drain pan and use a handheld shop vacuum to remove the moisture.

You can also use rags to soak up all of the water in the drain pan. If a thick clog is present, use a shop vacuum to pull it out at the end of the line that is located outside of the building. It is usually a white PVC line that drips water and will be close to the outdoor condenser unit. You can grip the pipe of the shop vacuum to increase the suction to make it easier to remove.

2. Perform Regular Flushing

Routine maintenance is key to keeping the condensate line unclogged and avoiding potential issues. You should flush the line with water or diluted bleach. Bleach is often more effective because it can break down the materials clogging the line.

3. Use a Quality Filter

When you use the right filter, it’ll prevent dust from building up on the evaporator coils, which is one of the main contaminants that can cause clogs to form in the condensate line. You should check the filter every four to six weeks and change it as needed, to ensure you can trap all of the dirt.

These are a few ways to help keep your condensate line unclogged each season to avoid potential problems over time. If you’re not comfortable with these hints or aren’t familiar with the location of the pipe, call us at E. Smith to schedule an appointment to have one of our professional technicians unclog your condensate line on your home or business.

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