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5 AC Sounds That Should Concern You in Holly Springs, GA


The air conditioner in your Holly Springs, GA home should never make a noise other than a dull hum. If you hear anything else, this means you have a problem on your hands. Here is an explanation of five sounds that indicate your AC needs attention.

1. Screeching or Grinding

If you hear screeching or grinding, this indicates you have issues with the fan blades or blower motor. You may have loose components or worn-out bearings.

2. Clanking or Banging

When parts in the AC unit loosen or become damaged, you may hear banging and clanking sounds. For instance, these noises can stem from a malfunctioning component in the compressor or from deteriorating motor mounts. Loose fan blades are another common cause of such sounds.

3. Whistling or Hissing

An AC system refrigerant leak is typically responsible for hissing or whistling. Such a leak can present a health risk due to harmful chemical exposure, and it can also be flammable. So, turn off your system and get a professional to fix it right away.

4. Humming or Buzzing

If you hear a loud and persistent buzzing or humming sound, this can point to an issue with the electrical components in your system. These noises might result from damaged capacitors or loose wiring. Loose wiring can pose a fire hazard, so a professional should address that immediately.

5. Ticking or Clicking

Hearing a clicking or ticking sound when you turn your system on or off means that electrical issues may be present. For example, you may have a problem with electrical connections or relays.

You need to investigate any strange noises promptly to reduce the risk of further system damage. Call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning now to have a full evaluation of your system so that we can make the necessary AC repairs.

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