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4 Benefits of Going High-Tech With Your Thermostat


The thought of going high-tech with a nominal device like a thermostat might sound funny at first. Like many other appliances, gadgets, and mobile technologies, smart thermostats are a real thing, and they can be connected to the Internet. Here are four benefits to installing one in your home.

Money and Energy Savings

Smart thermostats can be programmed to reduce your HVAC’s power consumption when no one is home. They can be programmed by the hour across the week so the HVAC performs less work while everyone is in bed sleeping or away at work and school. Right there, you have instant money savings over an older thermostat stuck on one setting all day long no matter who is home.

Real-Time Weather

Using a Wi-Fi Internet connection, smart thermostats receive real-time weather data. This enables the device to make adjustments to your home’s comfort system according to sudden weather changes, like a surprise cold front or winter storm. Plus, devices with large LCD screens can display five-day weather forecasts.


Smart thermostats learn your from your temperature adjustments throughout the day and begin making those changes for you automatically. When the holidays arrive and you are spending more time than usual in the kitchen, the thermostat can take into account the excess heat from the kitchen as it controls the air system for other zones in the house.

Remote Access

The Wi-Fi connection enables homeowners to access the thermostat’s settings using a mobile phone app or web browser portal. This is ideal in case you are traveling and your trip home has been delayed — you can log in and adjust the thermostat to not excessively heat or cool the house while no one is home. While at home, the mobile app gives you the convenience of adjusting the temperature without leaving the comfort of your couch. Plus, the web portal allows you to track your HVAC’s energy usage.

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