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Zoning Systems Put Temperature Control in the Hands of Homeowners


If you want to conserve your energy dollars, not spending them where you don’t need them is a good first step. But with most traditional HVAC installations, you don’t get a choice. You have to heat or cool your entire home at once, regardless of how many rooms you’re actually occupying. Zoning systems can help you control that.

In reality, most homeowners don’t use all their living areas throughout the day. They may not spend any time in their bedrooms between waking up and going to bed, and they may use a family room in the afternoons and evenings after work but not throughout the rest of the day. Kitchens and dining rooms may only be used during meal times. A zoning system allows you to heat or cool the areas your family is using while turning back the thermostat on other areas in order to conserve energy.

Some homeowners close vents in unused rooms, a process that requires some effort and can actually cost you money due to unbalanced airflow. A zoning system uses specialized zone valves to regulate the flow of air from your central air system. This means that pressure doesn’t build up in your ductwork, and temperatures can be precisely controlled from zone thermostats. By matching your energy use to your actual heating and cooling needs, a zoned system can take a chunk out of your energy expenses and support you in living an energy-efficient life.

For more information on zoning systems and how they’ve helped Marietta homeowners take control of their energy spending and home comfort, check out E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning’s central air conditioning resources, or give us a call today at 678-369-8866!

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