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3 Tips for Summer Comfort


Keeping your Marietta, Georgia, home cool in hot summer weather is a challenge, and the season often comes with high utility bills. When it’s too hot, you can have trouble sleeping, working, or enjoying time with your family. You can improve your summer comfort by adding ceiling fans, using a dehumidifier, and checking your insulation.

Adding Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans in your living room and your bedrooms will create cooling breezes and may even help you avoid using your air conditioner. You can also reduce wear and tear, avert expensive HVAC problems, and extend your system’s life. Save even more energy by turning off fans in unoccupied rooms. Ceiling fans come in a variety of colors and styles, and most include a ceiling light.

Using a Dehumidifier

A portable dehumidifier is inexpensive, compact, and quiet. There are also whole-home models installed in-line with your HVAC system. Use a dehumidifier to remove some of the moisture in your home’s air, which makes you feel cooler because it helps your sweat evaporate more quickly. Like ceiling fans, dehumidifiers conserve energy by letting you use your air conditioner less. They also prevent musty smells and allergy symptoms by reducing biological growth.

Checking Your Insulation

If some rooms tend to feel warmer than others or your air conditioner struggles to keep your entire home cool, you could need more insulation. To find leaks in your insulation, turn off your air conditioner and hold a candle near your doors and windows. The light will flicker near drafts, letting you know if this is a problem. Then you can contact a professional to fix it. You can also add weather stripping or caulk around your windows, doors, and electrical outlets.

E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we work hard for our customers. We can help you and your family save money on air conditioning and stay comfortable in summer. Call us at 678-369-8866 for outstanding service from our experienced, friendly technicians.

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