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6 Perks of a Whole-Home Dehumidifier


Marietta residents, like most Georgia natives, are well aware of the intense heat that hangs around for the better part of the year. With these high temperatures also comes thick humidity, making the air sticky and uncomfortable. Especially in the hotter months, it seems almost impossible to escape the humidity, even when you think you’re safe in your own home. If you’re looking to help your family have more comfortable and healthy days, consider the benefits of investing in a whole-home dehumidifier.

Boost Your Family’s Comfort

A regular air conditioner works to cool your home while simultaneously dehumidifying the air. However, these efforts are only active when the AC is actually running. Alternatively, a whole-home dehumidifier continuously works to reduce the humidity in your home’s air, making the environment much more comfortable for your entire family.

By reducing the humidity in the air, the temperature in your home will actually feel cooler, thanks to your dehumidifier. Your family can find relief in the comfort of your home from the stifling Georgia heat.

Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

You’ll also find that the overall air quality in your home will markedly improve when you have one of these systems installed. Fresh, filtered air can be enjoyed throughout the year, as dehumidifiers work to balance the humidity in your house no matter what it’s like outside. This means the air in your home will be well balanced in both the blazing summers and the cooler winters.

Reduce Allergens in the Home

In addition to making the atmosphere of your home more enjoyable, these dehumidifiers can also provide allergy relief to symptom-sufferers in your family. By reducing the humidity levels in your home, these systems also eliminate the ideal environment for mold and mildew growth. Without this growth, allergens in the home can decrease, and your family can breathe easier.

Minimize Potential Water Damage

Not only can high humidity encourage mold growth, but it can also allow for water damage to wreak havoc on your home. With a whole-home dehumidifier, you can control the level of moisture in the air. Doing so can prevent walls, ceilings, and even furniture from being warped or otherwise damaged by excess moisture in the home. As you can see, this investment can actually save you from the cost of such damages in the future.

Save on Energy

If humidity has been an ongoing problem in your Marietta-based home for quite some time, you’ve probably tried installing smaller dehumidifying units to rectify the issue. However, when you have a professional install a whole-home dehumidifying system, you can reap the energy-saving benefits almost immediately. These systems are much more efficient and effective than an army of smaller units peppered throughout the house.

Additionally, a whole-home dehumidifier can take the strain off of your AC. Humidity can make high temperatures unbearable, causing you to crank up your AC during the sweltering seasons. Luckily for you, when you install a dehumidifier, it takes that uncomfortable edge off the air in your home. Doing so allows you the opportunity to bump up the thermostat, giving your AC a well-deserved break.

Enjoy Convenience

You’re probably wondering what the catch is with these systems, but you can rest assured it’s definitely not in the amount of space they take up. Unlike having several smaller units scattered throughout the house, a whole-home dehumidifier would be the one unit that you can install out of sight.

As far as maintenance is concerned, your HVAC technician can ensure your dehumidifier stays healthy throughout the year. With a system that runs optimally, you can trust that your family can stay happy, healthy and comfortable throughout the seasons.

If you’re interested in having a whole-home dehumidifier installed in your Marietta home, give us a call at E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning: 678-369-8866. Our HVAC experts will help your family come up with the ideal solution to maximize the comfort and healthfulness of your home. Don’t hesitate, reach out to us today and be on your way to enjoying the benefits of a dehumidifier.

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