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Why Your Heat Pump is Making Strange Noises in Powder Springs, GA


Heat pumps are efficient systems that can keep your Powder Springs, GA home comfortable throughout the year. When the device suddenly starts making odd noises, you may need to replace or repair it. Here are odd heat pump noises that you shouldn’t ignore and their causes.

Humming Noise

Heat pumps make some humming sounds because they use electricity to operate. If the humming noise originates from the inside or is disruptive, an electrical issue could be the cause. Another common cause of humming noises is a faulty fan motor, but an HVAC technician can assist in finding the source of the sound.

Loud Noises

Heat pumps sometimes produce a whooshing sound as they defrost themselves and melt the frost from the coils. If the device ices up frequently, there could be an underlying issue like low refrigerant or dirty air filters. Talk to a heating expert to inspect the HVAC system if you hear a loud noise.

Vibrations and Rattling Noises

Vibrating or rattling sounds may signify a simple issue like a loose cover panel that you can fix by tightening some screws. Some rattling noises may indicate severe issues like air handler problems or overly tight coolant piping. You need a licensed HVAC professional to repair the air handler before it affects other heat pump components.

Clicking Noise

Heat pumps make clicking sounds as they start. However, if the device makes a clicking noise throughout the cooling or heating cycle, it may be time to call an expert. A common culprit of a clicking heat pump is a faulty capacitor, which switches on the motor.

Grinding Noise

Metal-on-metal or grinding noises often result from a faulty motor or simply the lack of routine heat pump maintenance. Lack of lubrication and dirty heat pump parts can cause loud grinding noises. If you hear grinding from your heat pump, switch off the device to prevent further damage as you wait for professional help.

Please avoid ignoring any of these odd heat pump noises. We have a team of HVAC technicians that you can trust to fix your system. Call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule affordable and fast heat pump services and maintenance plans.

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