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Why Heat Pump Sizing Matters in Marietta, GA


The size of your heat pump can affect its efficiency and your home’s comfort. A properly sized heat pump ensures lower utility bills and healthy indoor air quality. Here are reasons why heat pump sizing matters in Marietta, GA.

Problems With Undersizing

When your heat pump is undersized, it will have to work harder to heat or cool your home. When your system struggles, you may experience hot and cold spots and poor indoor air quality. An overworked heat pump also experiences increased wear and tear, leading to more frequent breakdowns.

You can also experience health problems due to high humidity in your home. An undersized heat pump may lead to high utility bills due to energy waste.

Problems With Oversizing

If the heat pump is too big for your home, it will develop a habit of short cycling, leading to increased wear and tear. An oversized heat pump can also overheat or overcool certain rooms in your home, leaving other rooms in the house uncomfortable. It may also lead to moisture buildup, encouraging biological contaminant growth.

Sizing Properly

Technicians use a variety of factors to determine the appropriate size needed to properly heat and cool a home. Some of these considerations include the orientation of the house, how many windows it has, and how much insulation has been installed.

The number of people and appliances in your home will also impact the size needed. Over time ductwork can separate at joints causing conditioned air to leak. An expert installation technician will look for this and correct it to ensure your new system is as effective as possible. /p>

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