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Why Does My Heat Pump Make My House in Smyrna, GA, Smell Bad?


During normal operation, a heat pump does not produce any smells. Smells and unusual noises are an indication that your HVAC system needs an immediate checkup. Here are some common causes of heat pump smells in Smyrna, GA.

Biologic Growth

The smell of biologic growth is reminiscent of that of stored damp clothes. It’s an indication there is probably biologic growth inside the heat pump, and you may have bacteria and allergens on the coils of the HVAC system. The temperature inside your HVAC system is just right for the propagation of microorganisms.

If not corrected, this problem can exacerbate and cause respiratory health conditions to your family members. Contact an HVAC technician for immediate cleaning and of the issues that are typically caused be condensation.

Burning and Electrical Issues

A burning smell from your heat pump indicates a serious mechanical or electrical problem. Failure to correct such a problem fast puts your home at risk of a fire. In most cases, if there are damages to the wires, they may burn slowly, or it may be that the system motor has a problem.

If you detect a burning smell from your HVAC system, turn the system off immediately and call an HVAC technician. This will help you avert the danger of a house fire.

Dead Animals

A rotten egg smell may indicate there is a dead animal in the ductwork of the HVAC system. If you have a gas system in your home, the smell might indicate leaking gas, so have a professional check that before checking the heat pump.

If you detect any of the smells above, let an HVAC professional handle the cleaning and any repairs necessary for your heat pump. Schedule an HVAC inspection service with our E. Smith professionals in Smyrna, GA, or request any other HVAC service, and we will be there for you.

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