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Why an Air Conditioning Unit Blows Hot Air


You always want your house to be comfortable during warm months in your Marietta, GA home, but sometimes even though your air conditioner is running, it’s just blowing hot air. This wastes energy and money and doesn’t keep your house cool. Here are some of the top reasons why your air conditioning unit may be blowing hot air and what can be done to fix it.

The Setting Isn’t on “Cool”

This is the simplest reason your AC may be blowing hot air. Instead of being set on “cool,” the unit is set on “heat” or “auto.” Your AC unit will not be effective in this setting. The quick fix here is to switch the setting and see if that does the trick.

Loss of Refrigerant

Air conditioning units require a refrigerant or coolant to maintain a comfortable temperature in your house. If your unit is low on coolant or there’s a leak somewhere, the unit will blow hot air. In order to restore your unit’s peak efficiency, call us to find and repair any coolant leaks or problems with your system.

The Condenser Is Dirty or Clogged

Your air conditioning system has an outdoor unit known as the condenser. In order to work properly, the condenser must be kept free of dirt and debris. It also needs regular maintenance. If the condenser doesn’t have proper airflow, the coils can freeze, and it will not cool your home. Acting quickly when this happens can save you a lot of money and get your home back in the comfort zone.

Leaks in your Ducts

If your air ducts have leaks, they’ll compromise your air conditioner’s ability to cool your house properly. Since most ducts are located inside walls, attics, or basements, it’s best to have professionals check and maintain your ducts. Contact us any time, we’ll make sure you keep your house cool and that you aren’t wasting energy.

If you experience any of these problems, call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-369-8866 immediately to keep your air conditioning running smoothly, your costs down and your energy efficiency up.

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