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The Importance of Humidity in Your Home in Woodstock, GA


Without a doubt, humidity levels are as critical to home comfort as interior temperatures. The intensity of the summertime heat in Woodstock, GA only makes this factor even more important. Here are a few reasons why controlling your indoor humidity matters.

Health and Comfort

If the humidity in your home is too low in the winter, the air will feel dry. When this happens, your skin will fee dry and scratchy. Low humidity may also dry out your eyes and throat, leaving you feeling parched.

Excessive water in the air, on the other hand, will create a muggy, clammy feeling in your home. This added moisture in the air makes it easier for pollen, dust, dust mites and other pollutants to float around, bringing your indoor air quality (IAQ) down. This higher moisture will attract insects and make it more likely for various kinds of biological growths to take hold in your home.

Your Home

Humidity levels may also impact the structural integrity of your home. If its too low, wood, caulking and drywall may dry up. It can make your flooring, wood furniture, and wallpaper to peel away.

When its too high, condensation may appear and settle almost anywhere in your home and negatively impact any wood in your walls, floors or window sills. Seeing condensation on your windows and walls is a clear signal of high humidity.

HVAC System

When excess moisture in the air causes your indoors to feel warmer than the actual temperature, it can cause your HVAC system to run longer than necessary. Additional wear and tear can lead to premature repairs or extra maintenance needed.

If your HVAC system doesn’t consistently keep your indoor moisture levels between 30% and 50%, you should have an inspection. Call our professionals at E. Smith Air Conditioning & Heating and request IAQ services near Woodstock, GA.

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