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Spring Cleaning Tips to Reduce Allergens at Home


With springtime around, we tend to prepare for outdoor allergens like pollen. The same should happen with our homes’ indoor air quality (IAQ). Keep reading for helpful tips and tricks to help you keep the air in your Atlanta, GA home clean and allergen-free.

Limit the Pollutants that Come from Outside

To limit the amount of pollen inside your house, keep your windows and doors closed as much as possible and use AC. Relying on your air conditioning unit during high-pollen-count days will give the air better quality. When you come inside, consider placing your shoes on an indoor mat and keeping them at the front of the house.

Vacuum Floors Regularly

While vacuuming may already be part of your cleaning routine, consider increasing the number of times, especially during the high pollen season. From time to time, deep cleaning the carpets in the home will also remove a significant amount of pollutants.

Prevent Mold Buildup

Mold thrives in areas of high humidity. To reduce the risk of mold buildup, reduce moisture around the rooms with a lot of water, including the bathroom, kitchen, and other spaces.

Use an Air Purifier

Adding an extra layer of protection from air pollutants, air purifiers are great home gadgets. Portable air purifiers are great for smaller areas. However, there are whole-house purification tools that can reach more spaces. At E. Smith, we offer these solutions.

Add Some Green to Your Indoor Spaces

Many indoor plants have air-purifying qualities, adding style and clean air to your home. Take some time to look into different plants that will support your home’s indoor air quality.

Enhance the Air Filtration Capabilities of Your HVAC System

Replacing air filters in your HVAC system in a timely manner will help control the number of air pollutants that circulate in your home. You can also enhance your system’s air purifying capabilities by adding solutions like ventilators and UV lamps. If you have questions about how these solutions work, E. Smith can help.

Ready to enhance the air quality in your home? Click here to schedule an appointment with our experts at E. Smith.

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