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How to Not Void Your Heat Pump Warranty


Now that you’ve weatherstripped the house and maintained that beautiful Marietta lawn, you’re feeling pretty responsible — but is there something you’re forgetting? Heat pump warranties aren’t the most exciting thing in Georgia, but we guarantee you they’re important. Here are four ways you could be inadvertently voiding your warranty.

Not Scheduling Regular Maintenance

Most manufacturers require yearly maintenance to keep the heat pump warranty intact. Can we blame them? Not really, as neglect can cause small problems to magnify, make the pump unsafe, and reduce efficiency. Also, beware of uncertified repairs, which often invalidate the warranty. An experienced professional is always the right choice when repairing complicated equipment such as a heat pump. Make sure your repair person is NATE-certified (we know we are!) before they begin work so you can avoid surprises down the road.

Not Registering Your Warranty

Often, you need to register your heat pump with the manufacturer in order to preserve the warranty. Failing to register your warranty can reduce its length or void it altogether. Oftentimes, registration is a quick online process and can save you hundreds in potential future repairs. To register E. Smith’s Carrier warranties, visit our products page and find your model.

Not Using Manufacturer-Approved Parts

Many warranties require that heat pump repair parts be approved by the manufacturer; this is to keep cheap and ineffective parts from being installed. Beyond protecting the warranty, using low-quality parts is dangerous and can even lead to damage. Of course, if you’re using a manufacturer-certified company such as E. Smith, everything is peachy.

Buying a new heat pump was a fantastic decision, but knowing the terms of your warranty is possibly a better one. Why let a silly mistake invalidate your warranty and saddle you with repair bills down the line? If you end up needing maintenance on your heat pump or want to get one installed with your newfound warranty knowledge, give E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning a ring at 678-369-8866. We’d be glad to help!

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