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Did you know… Furnaces Retire Too.


At some point in our lives, we’ll retire. It’s just a fact of life. But did you know that humans aren’t the only ones who retire? Furnaces do too! As a matter of fact, there are several easy ways to tell when it’s time to let your furnace “retire” and get a new one!

First of all, a furnace should really only last around 15-20 years. Some may argue that they should last a lot longer, but the longer you keep a furnace, the more difficult and unreliable it will become. Some signs of a furnace close to retirement include…

  • More Expensive Heating Bills. Don’t be one of those people who looks at his or her high heating bill and thinks, “Hmm…well, I guess this is right!” If your heating bills are going up, let it serve as a warning sign that you need to keep an eye on your furnace.
  • More Frequent Repairs. Furnaces aren’t meant to be fragile. If yours seems like it’s broken down a bit too often recently (several times in the past two years), start considering furnace retirement.
  • More Expensive Repairs. This one will probably be the most noticeable change in your furnace, especially if you need repairs more often. But just how expensive is too expensive? Well, if furnace repair costs are 50% of the cost of a brand new furnace OR if what you’ve paid in repairs over the last two years brings you close to this number, you should probably just go ahead and get a new furnace.

If you’re having problems with your furnace, or you’re worried about needing regular maintenance on it, give E. Smith a call at 770-422-1900. We offer heating inspections that include cleaning of furnace cabinet, flame sensor cleaning, checking the heat exchanger, checking electrical components, adjusting gas pressure, replacing standard filters and much more!

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