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Is It Dangerous to Use My AC If It’s Low on Refrigerant in Milton, GA?


All air conditioning systems in Milton, GA rely on refrigerant to cool the air in the homes they serve, so any time an AC system’s refrigerant runs low, it isn’t a good situation. Here’s why it’s dangerous to use your AC while it’s low on refrigerant.

Damage to Evaporator Coils

When you run an AC while it’s low on refrigerant, it won’t absorb as much heat from the air as it normally would. Reduced heat absorption can cause the system’s evaporator coils to freeze over. When the evaporator coils freeze, they can suffer damage and require costly repairs.

Damage to the AC Blower

Another risk you’d run by operating an air conditioner that’s low on refrigerant is potential damage to the system’s blower motor. When the evaporator coils freeze up, that prevents proper airflow through your ductwork. The result is additional backpressure that can strain and eventually break your system’s blower motor.

Damage to the AC Compressor

The biggest risk associated with running an AC while it’s low on refrigerant is that you could damage the compressor. The compressor is the part of the system that turns the coolant from a liquid to a gaseous state. That process makes it possible to expel the heat from inside your home to the outdoors.

Compressors, however, require a very specific refrigerant level to work properly. When the refrigerant runs low, the compressor can overheat and eventually break. At best, this means a costly repair, and at worst, it might mean you need a whole new AC system.

Other Consequences of Low Refrigerant

It’s also worth pointing out that damage to your air conditioning system isn’t all you could end up with. At a minimum, you’ll experience much higher operating costs. An AC system that lacks refrigerant can’t do its job efficiently, and you’ll see the difference in your power bill.

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