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Hybrid Heating: The Best of Both Fuels


The chilly nights of winter are just weeks away for Johns Creek, Georgia, homeowners and soon it’ll be time to kick the heater on. If you’re thinking about replacing your aging furnace, consider a hybrid unit. Hybrid heaters offer the best of electricity and gas for optimal savings and performance.

What Is Hybrid Heating?

Hybrid heating systems use both electricity and gas to heat your home by combining fossil fuel combustion with electric heat pumps. The system switches between gas and electricity based on the temperature outside. Heat pumps are the most efficient choice for areas with mild winters, but when the temperature drops, gas is more efficient at heating.

How Does Hybrid Heating Work?

An electric heat pump uses heat transfer to get warm air inside during the winter. How does warm air come from outside when it’s 45 degrees? The refrigerant inside the heat pump gathers colder air and moves it outside. Since the refrigerant is colder than the outside air, it gets warmed up in the process.

Heat pumps aren’t efficient when it’s really cold for this reason. Once the outside temperature gets too low, the system has to work too hard to generate warmth. This is where the fossil fuel combustion comes in. Gas-generated heat quickly provides warm air at a lower cost than electricity.

Benefits of Hybrid Heating

Hybrid technology allows the system to switch freely from electric to gas heat. By using the most efficient energy, you’ll save money throughout the season on your heating bill. You can adjust it if you choose, allowing you to select the more economical fuel. You’ll burn less fossil fuels and reduce your overall carbon footprint.

Hybrid heat pumps can house air conditioners as well. The system just reverses heat transfer for cooling. You’ll enjoy higher indoor air quality with humidification, dehumidification, and air filtration options.

At E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer several heating system options by Carrier. Call us at 678-369-8866 for more information.

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