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How Your Home’s Maintenance Impacts Its Cooling Efficiency


With the summer heat beginning in John’s Creek, Georgia, you’ve kicked on your air conditioner for another season. But your unit seems to be running longer than usual, despite your home remaining muggy. It’s probably time for your system to receive some professional maintenance. Preventive HVAC maintenance enables your system to better handle its duties, improving its cooling efficiency and dropping your energy costs.

What Is Professional HVAC Maintenance?

Like any other piece of machinery, your HVAC system needs some regular, reliable TLC to keep it running smoothly. Professional HVAC maintenance is a thorough process that guarantees your system is in tip-top shape. During a preventive maintenance appointment, one of our service technicians completes a detailed inspection of your system; checking everything from electrical components, to refrigerant levels, to air filters, and much more. Our technicians then clean the interior of your unit, lubricate moving components, and repair or replace damaged elements.

How Does Maintenance Impact Cooling Efficiency?

Your HVAC system’s performance is one of the key players in your home’s energy efficiency. If your system is running smoothly, you’ll experience greater comfort, better indoor air quality, and lower utility costs. Neglect to take care of your system and it will do the opposite. Even minor issues affecting your HVAC system can increase strain enough that your unit’s energy efficiency drops and your entire home suffers.

Professional HVAC maintenance guarantees that your air conditioner can cool your home efficiently. A regular maintenance appointment, scheduled at least twice a year, will catch minor issues before they can cause major damage to your system. Not only can technicians identify and remedy wear before components completely fail, but cleaning the interior of your unit both reduces strain and improves indoor air quality. Our technicians can also help you identify bad habits that could negatively affect your cooling efficiency, which can help you alter your lifestyle to be more energy efficient.

At E. Smith Air, we know that HVAC maintenance is the heart of comfort and efficiency in your home and we have the skilled technicians who can give your system the care it needs. To schedule professional HVAC maintenance, call E. Smith Air at 678-369-8866.

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