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How Should You Maintain Your Heat Pump Throughout the Year?


Your home’s heat pump will keep you comfortable year-round if it’s maintained right, and the fact that it’s in operation throughout the year means keeping up with your maintenance is a must. While you shouldn’t forget to schedule an annual inspection with your local HVAC expert, you can also take an active role in your home’s heat pump maintenance by following certain steps.

Heat Pump Maintenance Homeowners Can Tackle

  • Clean the coils of the heat pump and make sure the outdoor unit is free of debris. Clear any overgrowth or clutter away from the sides of the outdoor unit; it should have at least three feet of clearance on each side.
  • Inspect vents and ducts throughout your home for dust, and make sure they’re not closed or blocked by furniture.
  • Keep an eye on the ductwork and seal any leaks you find. It’s a good idea to check this every few months, as seals can degrade and new leaks can develop.
  • Check the air filter every month and replace it with the highest-efficiency filter your system is rated to handle as soon as dirt is apparent. Don’t let the filter get clogged, and don’t use an air filter outside your system’s acceptable range.

Professional Heat Pump Maintenance

When you schedule service, your HVAC technician should be able to handle these tasks, among others:

  • Check the airflow through the ducts to make sure you’re not losing volume.
  • Verify that your refrigerant charge is correct. (Too much or too little will make the heat pump less able to function.)
  • Look for any leaks in the refrigerant line.
  • Inspect electrical connections.
  • Double-check that the thermostat is functioning correctly in both the heating and cooling modes.

For more information on heat pump maintenance in your Marietta home, check out E.Smith Heating & Air Conditioning’s maintenance services, or give us a call today!

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