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Hocus Pocus…You Need a New HVAC System to Focus!


As you prepare for the colder months ahead, make sure to keep an eye out for any terrifying signs that your heating system needs replacing. Many of these signs can keep you from feeling comfortable and focused, so if you spot one or more of these scary signs, give our experts at E. Smith a call.

Scary Signs to Keep in Mind:

👻 Your system has been haunting your home for decades – The average lifespan of heating systems is 15-20 years, so if yours is older than that, it’s well past its prime.

💸 Frequent repairs are spooking your wallet – If you are finding yourself paying for an excessive number of repairs, replacing your system will be a better investment.

🎈 Your heating costs are sucking the life out of your budget – Older systems tend to work harder and be less energy efficient, increasing your monthly costs.

🥶 There are cold spots around your home that feel ghostly – If your heater can’t keep every room comfortable, there is a clear sign of a problem.

📣 You hear mysterious and scary noises coming from your system – If your equipment is making mysterious noises, that is a sign of a malfunctioning heating system.

👃 Your system is possessed by haunting odors – Bad scents coming from your system may signal debris buildup. This is not only uncomfortable for everyone at home but also affects your indoor air quality.

Replacing your old and faulty heating system with a newer, more efficient model will not only banish the chills but also save you from the financial horrors of high energy bills and frequent repairs.

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