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Gardening Tips!


How can I give my plants the best chance in our climate?

Perennials, broadly defined as plants that live for more than two years, are a great way to give your landscape good, dependable seasonal color, and beauty for many years.

Here are a few tips that might help you in your journey to have that pleasing garden:

  • Perennials prefer to be planted in the fall because it allows the plants a good length of time to develop strong roots without the stress of high temperatures and transpiration (loss of water through the foliage). This gives your plants the best start to face our tough Georgia summers.
  • It’s important to have a good plant bed, preferably 12- 18 inches deep, where they can be tilled and planted with amended soil and fertilizer. If you simply cannot get that deep, you can build up the bed, however, a tilled area is much better for growth.
  • Choose your plants according to your sun, shade, and drainage. No matter how much you love iris and daylily, if your area is full shade, they will not grow and bloom for you! Be sure to read the planting labels and instructions on the plants you choose.
  • A great resource is the UGA Cobb County Cooperative Extension Service. They have terrific material specific to Georgia growth patterns and also an office you can visit or call with plant questions. You can also take soil samples there to be sent off for analysis. Visit and to learn more and browse publications.


This article authored by Debbie Abernathy, Cobb County Master Gardener, and community gardening volunteer. Source:

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