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How to Keep Cooling Costs Low this Spring


As the spring nears its end in Holly Springs, Georgia, you may notice your cooling bills starting to creep up. Keeping air conditioning bills low when it’s warm and humid outside can feel impossible, but these tips make it easier. Use these helpful hints to control your bills and enjoy the spring even more.

Use Fans

Although fans don’t produce any cool air, they can keep air moving and offer a pleasant breeze in your home. Try raising the temperature on your thermostat about four degrees higher and run the ceiling fans more frequently to improve efficiency and airflow. Fans only keep people cool, so turn them off when you leave the room to save energy. Use the fans in the kitchen and bathrooms after you prepare food or take a shower to keep humidity under control as well.

Cover Your Windows

During the spring season, the sun’s rays can seep through your windows throughout the day. These UV rays raise the temperature within the space, requiring the air conditioning system to run more frequently to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. When it’s warm outside, keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn. You can even invest in some UV-blocking curtains.

Set the Thermostat

Before the weather starts shifting too drastically, take a few minutes to program your thermostat. This allows for better efficiency since the system can adjust automatically instead of having to cycle on and off more frequently due to manual changes.

Maintain the AC

It’s also important to keep up with regular maintenance on your air conditioning system. Before warmer temperatures arrive, schedule your AC tuneup with an HVAC technician. During the maintenance service, the technician will test the air conditioning system, make sure the refrigerant levels are sufficient, and look for signs of damage. By maintaining your unit, you can prolong its lifespan and reduce energy waste, which helps keep your bills low.

If your cooling bills are too high this spring or summer, contact E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 78-369-8866 to schedule a tuneup or service with one of our technicians.

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