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Ways to Keep Your Home Comfortable Without Turning on the AC


Winter has come to a quick close for much of the southern United States, meaning temperatures for the spring are already moderate. While the temperature outside is comfortable, consider keeping your Alpharetta, Georgia, home cool without turning on the air conditioning. There are many things you can do to manage your indoor temperature without turning on your HVAC system, helping you to use less energy in your home.

Open Windows

One of the easiest ways to keep your home comfortable while the weather is still pleasant outside is to open your windows. By opening the windows, you allow the cool air in and usually a nice breeze. If you have windows across the room from each other, opening these windows can create a cross-breeze. A cross-breeze will cool your house even faster than just opening the windows on one side of the house.

During the warmer parts of the day, or if you have windows that face the sun, keep the blinds closed. This tactic will help keep the sunlight from heating up your rooms inadvertently. This is a great technique to use while the outside temperature is cool but the sun is strong.

Turn on Ceiling Fans

Keep your thermostat set to off and turn on ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help to distribute cool air, keeping your home comfortable without the AC. Don’t forget to flip the switch on your fan to rotate counter-clockwise to keep cool during the summer. A clockwise rotation will distribute heat.

Consider Where to Cook

Your oven can add heat to your house, so think about the heat it’ll give off if you want to bake dinner. Instead, start to think about using your stovetop, microwave, or even an outdoor grill to keep from heating up your home too much and having to turn the AC on to compensate.

We hope that these tips will help your family to stay comfortable without turning on the HVAC system this spring. If you notice any problems with your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to call E. Smith Air at 678-369-8866 to set up an appointment.

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