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3 HVAC Issues That Will Cripple Energy Efficiency



HVAC issues often sneak up on you. They’re not always revealed through loud bangs and squeals and you may not discover that something’s wrong with your system until after months of high utility costs. When you’re trying to build an energy-efficient home in Marietta, Georgia, you don’t want to wait months before finding out that something is wrong. By keeping an eye out for these three common HVAC issues, you can save your energy efficiency before your utility costs skyrocket.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is the bane of energy efficiency, and it’s more common than many homeowners realize. Short cycling occurs when the system spends most of its runtime in its startup phase, which saps the most energy. Many problems can cause short cycling, but one of the most common is a system that hasn’t been properly sized for the needs of the home. An extra-large system will heat or cool the home so quickly that it will shut down before it completes its cycle, increasing strain on the system, crippling energy efficiency, and leaving your home with higher humidity.

Worn Components

Over time, the components of your HVAC system experience natural wear and tear. Sometimes, however, parts of your system may wear more quickly than others due to varying conditions. Despite the damage, your system will continue to attempt working as it did, which only exacerbates the strain and further reduces energy efficiency. Regular maintenance catches these faulty components before they cause too many problems.


Humidity affects more than your personal comfort. If you’re not properly maintaining moisture in your home, your system may be struggling to make up the difference. Too much humidity will make your home more difficult to cool, while too little humidity will make it more difficult to heat up in the late fall and winter.

Don’t let HVAC issues keep you from the energy efficiency you’ve worked so hard for. To have your system checked for issues today, call E. Smith at 678-369-8866.


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