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Ductless Mini Splits: Great for Supplemental Heat and Air Conditioning


In recent years, ductless mini-split heat pumps and A/Cs have been carving inroads into the American heating and cooling market. They offer convenience and energy efficiency advantages over traditional systems, as well as allow for independent temperature control in select areas of your home. However, as is the case with any mechanical system, regular maintenance is essential for ductless mini splits.

How Does a Ductless Mini Split Work?

A mini split is a split system air-source heat pump or air conditioner with one major difference from a regular split system cooling or heating system. It operates without ducts, and heats or cools a particular area where the air handling unit is located. An outdoor compressor unit containing the heat exchange coil, fan and compressor is connected to one or more air handling units inside the house. A conduit containing electrical wiring, the refrigerant line and condensate tubing connects the outside and inside units.

Energy savings from a ductless mini split come from both the efficiency of their design and engineering, as well as the fundamental fact that they don’t employ ductwork. In a regular forced-air HVAC system, most of the energy loss occurs between the equipment that generates the conditioned air and the rooms in your home, through duct leaks and uninsulated ducts. With no ducts, mini splits don’t have this problem.

Proper Maintenance Is Essential

Ductless systems also require regular maintenance by the homeowner, including:

  • Inspecting air filters and cleaning or replacing them when they look dirty – Ductless mini splits often come with reusable filters. With these, follow the manufacturer recommendations for how to clean them. A dirty filter will compromise your system, forcing it to work harder than necessary to cool or heat your home. This will waste energy and lead to premature breakdowns as overworked parts fail. In addition, a dirty filter can erode indoor air quality.
  • Keeping yard debris such as grass clippings, brush, sticks and leaves away from the outside unit – The outdoor component requires a steady flow of air to do its job.
  • Cleaning the inside air handling units regularly

To find more information on maintaining ductless mini splits in your Marietta area home, or to schedule an annual maintenance tune-up for your ductless system, contact the ductless system experts at E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-905-3341.

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