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Don’t Perform DIY HVAC Repairs in Mableton, GA


You and your family’s comfort and safety in your Mableton, GA home are our top priorities. You don’t want to do anything that puts your loved ones in danger, such as DIY HVAC repairs. The following are just a few of the complications that you could face when attempting to fix your HVAC system yourself.

Your Safety

If you don’t have the appropriate training to do HVAC repairs, DIY repairs can be dangerous. You could experience an electric shock or even a fatal electrocution if you touch the wrong electrical parts.

Mishandling natural gas can cause a fire or explosion. You can even poison yourself and others in your Mableton, GA home with carbon monoxide if you don’t properly vent the HVAC system if it uses natural gas.


Even if you can get your HVAC system operating, it may not function as efficiently as it could. It’s easy to make mistakes without the right knowledge and training. You could incorrectly adjust parts or reduce airflow and drainage without meaning to.

Warranty Issues

Many warranties include a clause that states that it’s only valid if you have professional HVAC repairs and routine maintenance. You could quickly lose any money you saved with your DIY project.

Longer Repairs

You don’t want to be without your Mableton, GA home’s HVAC system for any great length of time, especially with summer fast approaching. We can diagnose your issues and find a solution quickly.

With a lack of experience, it’ll take you much longer to find the problem and try to fix it. If you fail, you’ll have wasted precious time when you could have asked us for help to begin with.

Don’t take chances when it comes to fixing your home’s HVAC system. Call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning today for all your HVAC repair needs.

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