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Changing Your Filter to Improve Indoor Air


Regular upkeep is essential to preserving your home and caring for your family. Consistent HVAC maintenance, including changing your filter is one way Roswell, GA, homeowners can do both.

The Importance of Changing HVAC Filters

Changing filters might seem like a small task, but it is a significant part of HVAC maintenance. Here are a few benefits you’ll reap by caring for your filters:

  • Improved indoor air quality: removes airborne pollutants
  • Increased system efficiency: enhanced airflow and reduced wear and tear on equipment
  • Saving money: reduces energy use and HVAC repairs

Types of HVAC Filters

How often you change your filters depends on several factors, but a good rule of thumb is to change them every three months. But first, you need to know where to find them:

  • AC filters: behind the air return vent, usually in a hallway, on the ceiling, or along a staircase
  • Furnace filters: in the blower compartment on your furnace, usually in the door or a tray
  • Whole-house filters: near the air handler

How to Change Your HVAC Filters

This DIY task takes about five minutes. Six easy steps and you’re done!

  • Turn off your system.
  • Remove the access panel.
  • Remove the old filter.
  • Insert the new filter, making sure the arrows are pointing in the right direction, and it’s the correct size.
  • Replace the access panel.
  • Turn on your HVAC system.

Extra Protection With AprilAire Purifier

AprilAire purifiers provide extra protection from allergens and other pollutants. They have superior filtration, catching even the tiniest contaminants and deodorizing indoor air. As a result, air purifiers reduce the risks inside your home and lead to short and long-term health benefits. AprilAire air purifiers are designed to work with your AprilAire air filter. These whole-house air purifiers work to remove harmful particulates from your home’s air, including pollen, odors, airborne viruses, pet dander and more, keeping your family members healthier year-round.

Changing your filters is critical to increasing the longevity of your HVAC system and ensuring your family’s health. To learn more about our AprilAire purifiers and other indoor air quality services, call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning and talk with one of our skilled technicians.

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