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Breathe Fresh by Installing a New Air Purifier in Your Home


In Georgia, the beautiful fall season brings both warm weather and airborne allergens. Keeping your home’s air quality clean and pure has a big impact on the health of your family during this season. One way to improve your home’s indoor air quality is by installing an air purifier. Here are three ways these devices will help you breathe fresh.

Pleated Filters

Pleated filters are typically made with fiberglass and synthetic materials, and they are an integral component of your heating or cooling system. Air cleaners use pleated filters to remove airborne particles and allergens from the air. As a bonus, pleated filters have more surface area than flat filters which means they can catch more particles and debris. Pleated filters are most commonly used with your HVAC system and should be replaced regularly. Some types of filters can be cleaned and reused.

HEPA Filters

HEPA filters can be made of any material, and they must always meet a U.S. Department of Energy standard for removing a certain percentage of particles from the air. HEPA filters are untreated, unlike many other cheaper filters, and these filters trap particles instead of letting them build up in your air ducts. For residential use, you can find these filters in many portable purifiers. HEPA filters are not usually installed in residential HVAC systems.

Adsorbent Materials

Many home air purifiers use adsorbent materials to capture any harmful pollutants, chemicals, and fumes in the air. Activated charcoal is the most common type of material used for this purpose. This kind of charcoal is porous and can trap airborne particles while also capturing odors from activities like cooking and smoking. For residential use, adsorbent filters are found in portable purifiers.

These three methods of air purification are just a few ways you can improve the indoor air quality in your home. When looking to install an air purifier, it’s important to know your options as well as which pollutants you need to filter out of your air. Visit E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning or call 678-369-8866 for more information about air purifier installation services.

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