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A Humid Summer Requires the Best HVAC Solutions


Summer heat and humidity are never a great combination. As we near the peak of the season, we continue to see rising temperatures and rising humidity levels, which make it harder for us to cool down and lead to an uncomfortable sensation.

When high humidity takes over, cool, air-conditioned space is the best solution to beat the heat and discomfort. Usually, air conditioning is a great solution for hot humid days. However, there are times when the humidity is so high that it actually keeps the HVAC unit from working properly.


Humidity and Your HVAC System

Humidity levels around your home directly influence how your HVAC system operates. One of the primary functions of an air conditioner is to process indoor air, cool it and circulate it throughout an indoor space, removing heat and moisture.

With the rise of humidity, however, the HVAC system must work harder to dehumidify the air before cooling it. The extra work put in by your HVAC system can result in reduced efficiency and increased energy consumption, leading to higher utility bills.


System Maintenance is Key: Trust Your Experts at E. Smith

Keeping up with your HVAC system is the most important step in ensuring you and your family can enjoy clean and refreshing air. At E. Smith, our experienced team members can support you with a variety of solutions, including the following:

System Maintenance Services – Regular maintenance of your HVAC system is crucial to ensure it performs optimally. High humidity can strain your air conditioning system, causing components like the evaporator coils to become clogged with dirt and debris more quickly. Routine maintenance, such as filter replacement and coil cleaning, can help maintain efficiency and extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. Click here to schedule your maintenance appointment

Dehumidifiers – Installing a dehumidifier can help your system cool the air in your home more efficiently. This tool works by removing excess moisture from the home. It also helps prevent the growth of mold and other contaminants. Learn more about the dehumidifier options we offer here.

System Installation – There will be a time when a new system will be the best option for your household and your pocket. Many of the new HVAC systems allow you to be able to monitor and control the humidity within the home. Schedule an appointment with us for a free consultation. We will meet you at your home, assess the space and the home’s heating and cooling needs and suggest the best HVAC system option for you. We also provide financing options that fit your needs. Learn more here.

By controlling humidity levels in your home, you and your family can enjoy the summertime comfortably, improve indoor air quality, reduce the risk of air pollutants, and enhance the overall efficiency of your HVAC system.

At E. Smith, we are always ready to support your heating and cooling needs with the latest technologies and best customer service. To make an appointment with our experts, click here.

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