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Why Size Makes a Difference in HVAC Energy Efficiency


The size of your HVAC unit is more important than you might guess. Both an oversized and undersized HVAC unit will waste energy and fail to keep your Atlanta, Georgia, home properly comfortable. But why does size matter so much and how can you make the proper calculations? Read on to learn more.

The Wrong-sized Equipment Will Short Cycle or Struggle to Keep Up

The bigger the HVAC system, the more efficient it is at heating and cooling, right? Actually, oversized units tend to do their job a little too well, powering up to heat and cool the house quickly and then shutting off just as fast. A large system won’t properly circulate air through the home. The system will then soon turn on again, repeat the same process, and constantly turn on and off, in effect, wasting energy.

A system that’s too small is just as problematic. It can’t meet your heating and cooling demands so it will run constantly, trying to heat or cool the entire home while never quite reaching the bar.

Factors for the Right Load Calculations

Your HVAC contractor needs to analyze several conditions in your home to make the right calculations. Some of these factors include the type of insulation, the number of windows and their energy efficiency, the number of people in the home, the house’s size, and the type of ductwork available. Your contractor can make these calculations room by room and tally the total or make a whole house evaluation.

The right-sized HVAC system will save you greatly in terms of energy bills. It will also work more efficiently to keep your home at the comfort level you need. It pays to have your system installed the correct way the first time around.

Give E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at 678-369-8866 if you suspect your current system might be too large or too small or if you have questions about our HVAC installation process.

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