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5 Warning Signs Your Furnace Is Failing in Austell, GA


We all want to stay at a comfortable temperature, both indoors and outdoors. As summer fades and fall approaches with its falling nighttime temperatures and chilly winds, now is the best time to take care of any issues with your heating system before winter arrives. Below are five warning signs that your furnace is about to leave you in the cold in Austell, Georgia.

1. Color Change in Furnace Pilot Flame

The standard color for the pilot light flame in a gas furnace should be a bright blue flame. If the flame is yellow or flickering, then this indicates that there’s an issue. A change in color indicates that carbon monoxide isn’t venting safely and flickering flames show that the gas isn’t burning completely.

2. Dry Air

Dry air stems from humidity control issues, but another cause is a system that’s too small for your home that runs too much or a unit that’s too big and doesn’t run long enough. Breathing dry air may cause several health issues, such as nosebleeds and respiratory problems.

3. High Furnace Heating Bills

As the system ages or other issues occur, the efficiency declines, which means it has to run longer. This decline in efficiency causes your heating bills to increase without you realizing until the bill comes in.

4. Increase In Illness

If there’s an issue with your furnace, such as a buildup of carbon monoxide or poor ventilation, it increases the chances of illness for the residents. These illnesses range from respiratory issues to flue-like or cold symptoms, and can be dangerous.

5. Strange Noises from Furance

Some noise with your furnace is normal, but other noises indicate that something is wrong. If there’s a squeal, new clicking, grinding or popping noises, it’s best to contact someone to take care of it as soon as possible.

We’ve serviced heating systems around Austell for more than 60 years and provide exceptional service and expert skills. If you’re worried that your furnace will leave you in the cold this fall, then it’s time to call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning.

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