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5 Reasons Your Evaporator Coil Is Freezing Up in Woodstock, GA


The evaporator coil is one of your AC’s components that makes the cooling process successful. The coil may sometimes freeze, inhibiting the process. Here are reasons why your evaporator coil freezes in Woodstock, GA.

1. Your Air Filter Is Dirty

Since your AC filter traps contaminants from the air before it enters your system, the pollutants can clog it with time. Your AC may not manage to draw sufficient amounts of air through the clogged filter.

As a result, there is little airflow getting to the evaporator coil. Your cooling coil freezes because there is very little heat to absorb.

2. Your Evaporator Coil Is Dirty

Your evaporator coil absorbs heat from the indoor air and relays it to the condenser coil through the refrigerant. The condenser coil then releases this heat to the outside environment.

Dirt and debris may accumulate on your evaporator coil with time. The dirt limits your coil’s heat absorption ability, and ice accumulates.

3. The System Has a Clogged Drain

Your air conditioner has a secondary role of eliminating excess moisture from the air before it recirculates it into your home. This moisture drains through the condensate line.

When there is a blockage on this line, the water stagnates and may cause water to accumulate in the drain pan and possibly into your home, depending on where the air handler is located.

4. The Refrigerant Is leaking

The refrigerant operates in a closed loop. The fluid may leak due to damage to the cooling coils.

When this fluid leaks, it causes your system to overwork, yet still not cool, which may harm the evaporator coil. Scheduling AC maintenance helps to take care of issues that cause your coil to freeze.

5. The Fan Is Malfunctioning

Your air conditioner’s fan may fail to function optimally if the blades are dirty or if the motor has broken down. A malfunctioning fan fails to push air through the system and impedes airflow, causing the evaporator coil to freeze.

If you suspect your AC’s evaporator coils have frozen, reach out to E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning to get quality air conditioning services. Our technicians have the right expertise to get your system up and running in the shortest time possible.

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