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4 Furnace Odors You Should Never Ignore in Marietta, GA


Are strange odors coming from your furnace in Marietta, GA? Odd smells during operation mean your heating system needs attention. Consider what these common furnace smells mean and why you should remedy them as soon as possible.

Distinguishing Normal from Bad Odors

Some smells are normal when your furnace begins operation, especially if it hasn’t turned on in several days or weeks. That’s because dust and dirt can accumulate on the burners but will eventually burn off in a few minutes. These odors that persist are cause for concern:

  • Lingering burning smells
  • Gas or rotten eggs
  • Excessive damp or musty odors
  • Smells like car exhaust

Which Smells Indicate Dangerous Conditions?

Burning and rotten egg orders call for immediate attention because your furnace may have a major issue. When the furnace smells like it’s burning, some components may have started to overheat, and a fire could be imminent. The rotten egg smell is sulfur and indicates a significant gas leak, which could poison people in your home and even lead to an explosion.

Don’t Ignore the Other Common Signs

Car exhaust smells usually mean you have a problem with the furnace’s venting, meaning the air outlet could have a partial block, leading to a build-up of toxic fumes over time. Finally, lingering damp or musty odors may indicate water has seeped into the furnace through a loose hose connection on the drain pan.

Schedule Your Service Today

A thorough inspection and preventive maintenance appointment from E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning can help prevent bad furnace odors before they happen. Our technicians are experts at discovering and remedying all types of furnace issues.

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