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4 Benefits of a Furnace Tuneup


With cooler temperatures quickly approaching the Roswell, Georgia, area, it’s time to think about a furnace tuneup. There are many benefits to have a furnace tuneup and more benefits to enrolling in an energy savings agreement with E. Smith.

Protect Furnace Efficiency

During inspection, our technicians make sure your heating system is getting enough air. Poor airflow causes furnaces to work overtime and leads to breakdowns or system failures. Our service personnel will clean your burner and heat exchanger. This helps increase efficient combustion and heat generation, in turn decreasing your energy consumption and heating bill. You’ll burn fewer fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint. Regular heater inspection and maintenance catches small issues before they become big problems. Many of our emergency service calls are preventable with regular maintenance.

Maintain Family Comfort

By having a tuneup, you’re less likely to suffer a furnace breakdown in the winter. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your family won’t be stuck in the cold waiting for repairs. Inspections keep your risk of carbon monoxide exposure lower by ensuring proper combustion. Even small issues with combustion could cause a dangerous carbon monoxide leak.

Return on Investment

Many manufacturers want proof your HVAC system has been regularly maintained. Our thorough preventative maintenance visits meet all industry standards. If you decide to sell, maintenance records can make your home more appealing. Completing preventative maintenance costs much less than replacing your heating system. Regular maintenance can increase your unit’s life by several years.

Our Preventative Maintenance Agreements

We have more than 50 years serving business and homeowners in Roswell. Our service agreements include labor to completely inspect and maintain your HVAC system. Our NATE-certified experts will check all electrical and combustion components, ventilation, and safety mechanisms. We’ll make sure the outdoor unit is functioning correctly if you have a heat pump. We’ll also change out your filters. Call the professionals at E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning at 678-369-8866 to schedule a tuneup.

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