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3 Top Indoor Air Pollutants


You manage to avoid dangerous outdoor pollution when air quality dips into the red, but what are you doing about the pollution inside the walls of your Johns Creek, Georgia, home? Target these three top indoor air pollutants and you will cut allergic and asthmatic reactions in your home.

Pet Dander

You may love your furry friend, but they may be one of the top causes of your allergies. When your pet grooms themselves, they spread a protein across their skin and fur to which most humans are allergic. That skin then flakes off and moves throughout your home, hitching a ride on your airflow. Breathing in pet dander can then cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Installing an air purifier will help your HVAC system catch more dander particles. Keeping your pets out of certain rooms can also prevent dander from irritating you.

Volatile Organic Compounds

You want your home to smell nice, but using lemon-scented artificial air fresheners are not the way to go about it. Air fresheners and many household cleaners use chemicals containing volatile organic compounds (otherwise known as VOCs) that can be dangerous to breathe in. Even paints, adhesives, and carpet glues can off-gas VOCs for years. In addition to avoiding using chemical cleaners and air fresheners, you can install a whole-home air ventilator that will vent indoor air outside and draw in pre-conditioned fresh air.


You may not have smog or smoke inside your living space, but other particles can infiltrate your home and pollute your indoor air. Dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses, pollen, and other hazardous particles enter your home through open doors, air leaks, and by latching onto your clothing. In order to mitigate these particulates, change your HVAC air filter monthly or install a whole-home air purifier, which will catch more particles than standard filters.

Don’t allow pollution to infiltrate your home. To install an air purifier and improve your indoor air quality, call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-369-8866.

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