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3 Tips for Fall Energy Saving


Fall in Georgia can be a funny thing: one day it’s hot, but the next day the air has a chilly breeze to it. If you’re living in the Metro Atlanta area, such as Johns Creek, you’re probably wondering how best to deal with this unpredictable weather. From setting your thermostat to a certain degree to utilizing your windows, there are a number of energy saving steps you can take this fall.

Properly Set Your Thermostat

When you’re away from your home for an extended period of time, you can set your thermostat to a lower temperature. This will prevent the heater from kicking on during those chillier days and heating empty space, which is an energy-saving action.

If you’re home, consider setting the temperature to 68 degrees. This is considered by many to be the optimal temperature when trying to conserve energy during autumn. If you invest in a programmable thermostat, these efforts are simplified and automated for you.

Consider Seasonal Maintenance

A damaged HVAC system is also an inefficient system. In order to cut back on your home’s energy usage, have a professional HVAC technician perform seasonal maintenance on your heating and air units. They will be able to identify and address imperfections in the systems so that they can make the necessary repairs. You can then rest assured knowing that your HVAC is running at its highest performance levels, saving you the most energy possible.

Use Windows to Your Advantage

You might not think that windows can help you save energy, but when they are properly utilized, they can work wonders on your monthly energy expenses. For instance, during the warmer parts of the day, you can cover your windows to prevent sunlight from shining in and heating the space, which would cause your AC to work harder. When the cooler weather finally sets in for good, you can have your windows sealed to keep treated air in and cold air out.

If you’re looking to save some energy this fall, contact us at E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 678-369-8866. Our HVAC experts will maintain and improve your systems to keep them going strong throughout the season.

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