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3 DIY Landscaping Tasks for Your Home This Summer


Summer has come to Marietta, Georgia, and it’s time to spend some time in the yard and the garden making things look beautiful. In your DIY home landscaping tasks this summer, do a few things to spruce up your outdoor living space, like hiding the HVAC system.

Work on Your Grass

The rest of your landscaping can be flawless, but if your grass is patchy and brown, your yard looks bad. If you’ve got a green thumb, get some grass seed and some straw and start fixing up your lawn. If you don’t, then sod is your friend. You can roll some across your yard and wait for it to take root.

Hide Your Outdoor AC Unit from View

The outdoor AC unit is essential to indoor summer comfort, but that doesn’t mean you want to look at it or listen to it while you’re enjoying your backyard. As long as you leave a few feet of clearance around all sides of the unit, you can put a fence or some hedges up to hide it from view. Leave enough space for our technicians to access it, too, so we can do your yearly maintenance appointments.

Get Creative with Flowers

Flower beds always look great, but you may want to do something a little different. Instead of flower beds, try getting some oversized pots or old wooden wheelbarrows. Fill those with earth and flowers, and arrange them under your front windows. The look overall is gorgeous, and changing up the look of things is so much easier, since all your flowers are mobile. Switch them around with each season if you want.

Are you excited to get out in the yard with some great DIY projects? While you’re creating your weekend to-do lists, make sure to put calling E. Smith for an HVAC maintenance appointment at the top. We can even give you tips on how much space to leave around your outdoor unit so it has enough air circulation. Call today at 678-369-8866.

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