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4 Heating Myths You Need to Know About


Myths get started easily. Someone makes a statement to someone else, who passes it along to another person. Before long, a theory becomes accepted fact. Unfortunately, heating myths can detrimental to your Holly Springs, Georgia, home and its HVAC system.

Myth: Increasing Your Thermostat Setting Will Heat Your Home Faster

Fact: Your furnace or heat pump heats at the same pace no matter the thermostat setting. Whether you set the temperature at 68 degrees or 80 degrees, you won’t experience faster heating. Some heat pumps and furnaces have multiple stages, which can affect heating pace, but it has nothing to do with your thermostat settings.

Myth: Closing Off Vents and Doors Saves Money

Fact: When you close off rooms and vents, your HVAC system must work harder because it’s designed to distribute air evenly. The air meant for a closed-off room gets rerouted to other parts of the house, and the system can’t keep accurate track of the home’s temperature and airflow. You’re better off leaving your home as open as possible to promote even heating throughout the winter.

Myth: Space Heaters Cost Less to Run Than Central Air

Fact: Space heaters might seem like a cost-effective alternative to central air during the winter, but you might actually lose money. First, unattended space heaters represent a significant fire risk. Don’t leave one running while you sleep or run an errand. Second, they can only heat a small area of your home. Unless you’re using it briefly to supplement the central air in your home, it’s not a cost-effective solution.

Myth: Smart Thermostats Automatically Result in Energy Savings

Fact: A smart thermostat represents a smart investment, when it’s used wisely. Read the manual, get it professionally installed, and learn its features to take full advantage. If you don’t use it properly, you might not see any difference in your energy bill.

Don’t believe every bit of heating wisdom you hear. To get the real scoop on HVAC systems and maintenance, call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-369-8866.

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