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Is Home Automation Worth the Buzz?


With many families, everyone is either working or in school during the day. Home automation offers a great advantage for such busy families. It allows you to remotely control your devices at home using a simple application on your smartphone.

Early on, there was only automation with respect to lighting and other smaller device controls. Today, it’s not a big deal to control the temperature of your air conditioning system or access your home security systems from a distant location, using touch screen and voice recognition devices.

Keep It Simple and Convenient

Automating your thermostat is one instance of home automation; it helps you control your HVAC system when you are away from home. A mobile phone application is all you need to set the thermostat to the desired temperature just before you reach home. It also allows you to turn off the thermostat just in case you forgot to do it while leaving your home.

Imagine a situation where you have traveled a long distance away from home and then realize that you forgot to turn off the light in the living room. Now you either need to go back home to turn off the light or leave it on till you come back. Home automation solves such problems for you. With automation, you can switch off the lights from anywhere you want to. Similarly, you can remotely operate your TV and several kitchen gadgets, as well.

Minimize Your Utility Bills

Home automation can substantially cut down on energy consumption. Let’s again take the case of an air conditioner. What if you could set it to a higher temperature during the night when you are sleeping and automatically bring it back to a lower temperature in the morning when you get up? Automation through a smart thermostat makes it possible, allowing you to save energy throughout the night when you were sleeping.

Similarly, with automation, you don’t have to keep the AC unit running when you are not at home. Just turn it on remotely, minutes before you reach home, and you’ll find your home pleasantly cool. Isn’t that a nice way to save energy without compromising on comfort? Imagine how much energy you’d be saving if you automated all of the energy consuming devices in your home. Lights, fans, TV, computer, and refrigerator — you can automate them all.

Even a small automation can make a huge difference in energy savings. Take, for instance, the automation of window blinds. Instead of keeping your window blinds open all the time, you can control them remotely to block the sun at different times of the day. This will help you achieve the desired temperature faster without putting much load on your HVAC system, ultimately saving you in energy bills.

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure

In addition to all those high-end home surveillance gadgets available on the market, automatic locking systems are one simple instance of home automation.

Instead of handing over the physical keys, you can adopt a keyless entry system. This will allow the guests to enter the home using specific codes. When you do not want the codes to be used anymore, you can just delete them. If you are expecting guests at home, and you want them to have the freedom of having their own keys, just think of automation. It can serve the purpose without the risk of misplacing and misusing the keys.

Another way to keep your home safe from burglars is by automating your home lighting system. If you are away for several days, you can choose to turn certain lights on at night, and turn them off in the morning, so that others don’t get to know that there is nobody at home.

Considering all these benefits, home automation is definitely worth the buzz surrounding it. However, you should take into account the cost of automation. Try to prioritize those appliances that offer more benefits with lower automation cost.

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