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A Bright Way to Better the Air Quality in Your Home


Constantly running in the background, your HVAC system is highly responsible for keeping you and your family cozy and comfortable.

As air passes through the cooling coil, mold spores, bacteria and fungi stick to its damp surfaces, which may lead to the following issues:

  • Reduced system performance caused by contaminant buildup
  • Development of harmful mold spores in your vents
  • Development of unpleasant odors that can travel throughout your home

To help alleviate these issues, our team of experts at E. Smith offers various germicidal UV lamp solutions that can be installed in your vents.

How Do UV Lights Work?

  • The UV devices are mounted near the cooling coil where fungus, microbes and other bacteria can grow.
  • The intense UV light kills bacteria and mold growing on and around the indoor coil, leading to cleaner air.

What Are the Benefits of UV Lights?

  • Enhanced System Efficiency – Installing UV lights enhances overall system efficiency so the coil remains clean, allowing for better airflow.
  • Elimination of Indoor Air Pollutants – HVAC UV lights eliminate pollutants such as bacteria, fungi and viruses before they can be recirculated in the home, leading to increased indoor air quality.
  • Prevent the Growth of Mold and Other Pollutants – By keeping the coils free of pollutants, UV lights also help prevent the growth of such.
  • Compatibility with Other Air Purification Tools – Customers can incorporate other air purification tools alongside UV lamps to help remove small particles from the air.

The Best Solution for Your Home
In a continued effort to provide our customers with the latest technologies in UV light air purification, we offer the all-new HALO-LED™. It is the industry’s first LED in-duct, whole home air purification system that is both mercury-free and zero ozone compliant.

  • The device proactively treats every cubic inch of air-conditioned space, thereby reducing airborne and surface contaminants and pollutants.
  • By combining REME-LED™ UV technology along with RGF’s proven PHI-CELL® and REME® technologies, the HALO-LED™ provides revolutionary indoor air purification.

Click here to learn more about the HALO-LED™.


Keep indoor air quality at the forefront of your home’s maintenance and consult with our experts at E. Smith. To make an appointment or speak with one of our team members, click here.

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