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4 Reasons that Scheduling Seasonal Maintenance Will Help Reduce Cooling and Heating Costs


The end of a hot Georgia summer means your cooling system has been working hard for months to keep your house comfortable. All of this stress can be damaging to your HVAC system and reduce its efficiency. It is important to schedule seasonal maintenance of your cooling and heating system for many reasons. A tune-up will improve the efficiency of your system, keep clean air circulating through your home, prevent future breakdowns, and save you money on your utility bills.

How can cleaning your HVAC system save you money on energy costs? The cleaner it is, the more efficiently your system runs and the more efficiently it runs, the less energy you end up using. Scheduling a tune-up will ensure that all the components of your HVAC system are working properly, reducing the chance of future breakdowns. With all of the components clean and working efficiently, there is less stress on your cooling system, increasing its lifespan.

You’ll Consume Less Energy with a Clean HVAC System

Properly cleaning and maintaining your system will help you save a lot of money on your utility bills. Dirty filters and clogged airways will force your system to work twice as hard to push and filter the cool air through. Unlubricated fan motors or old belts will need extra energy to continue running at the pace it takes to cool your home. By keeping all of the components of your system squeaky clean and lubricated, they are able to run more efficiently and use less energy. The less energy you consume, they lower your utility bills will be.

You Won’t Waste Money on Unnecessary Products

A poorly maintained HVAC system will not be able to function properly. This system should be able to do everything from removing moisture from the air to lowering the temperature of your home. If the components are dirty and clogged, it will be harder to cool the air and to remove the humidity. You may think you need a dehumidifier or new thermostat, but your system just needs a a tune-up to improve its cooling and dehumidifying efficiencies. You will save more money and energy in the long run by scheduling a repair now and then following up with seasonal maintenance than you would by buying these extra appliances.

The Amount of Breakdowns Decreases

Keeping the parts of your HVAC system clean and running smoothly will allow them to work more effortlessly. If the parts are running smoothly, they will experience less wear and tear. Damage is less likely to occur in an HVAC system that is running properly, and there will be less of a chance that it will breakdown unexpectedly. This means you won’t have to spend money on new parts or unexpected repairs.

Another plus to scheduling a seasonal maintenance tune-up is that a professional will come and inspect your system. Not only will the parts be running smoothly, but a professional will have checked out your entire system. After a professional check up, your HVAC system should be good to go!

You’ll Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Since maintaining the components of your system and keeping everything clean will lead to decreased breakdowns and a more smoothly running HVAC system, it is likely to last a long time. A system that is poorly maintained and struggling to run with old components will certainly have a shorter lifespan than one that is properly maintained. Less wear and tear will keep your system in great shape, and you will be far less likely to have to replace the unit.

Seasonal maintenance is very important for the proper functionality of your HVAC system and in keeping your home comfortable during the intense heat. Scheduling a preventative maintenance tune-up is a simple step to take to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, improve you indoor air quality, prevent unexpected breakdowns, and save money.

There are some small things you can do, like changing the air filters, but a professional should be called to fully inspect the system and make sure everything is running smoothly. For more information or to schedule your seasonal maintenance tune-up, call E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning at 678-369-8866. After your next maintenance tune-up, look for a reduction in your utility bills and breathe easy, knowing that your HVAC system is ready for another year of Georgia heat.

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