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How You Can Reduce Your Commercial HVAC Costs


Keep the employees of your Dunwoody, Georgia, business comfortable while reducing your commercial HVAC bills by managing indoor temperatures and humidity levels. Taking steps to help your HVAC system work more efficiently can save your business money each day.

Improve Your HVAC System Operations

Optimize your HVAC system to heat or cool only when needed. The easiest way to accomplish this goal is with a programmable or smart thermostat. With a programmable thermostat, you can arrange for your HVAC system to automatically change temperatures throughout the day. With its online programming capabilities, a smart thermostat can help you manage the HVAC system even when you aren’t at work. You can change your workplace’s temperature effortlessly via the internet.

At the end of the workday, adjusting the indoor temperature of your workplace to bring it closer to the outdoor temperature will reduce the strain on your company’s HVAC system. Adjusting your workplace’s indoor temperature this way lowers your utility costs and reduces your HVAC system’s workload. This operational efficiency increases the unit’s lifespan, prolonging its usefulness and saving you money on costly system replacement.

Push for the Comfortable Temperature

If you’re setting the temperature of your workplace the same way you would at home, consider adjusting the thermostat settings. The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) recommends that employers keep their business thermostat settings between 68 to 76 degrees

Keeping the indoor temperature setting at 72 degrees is fine for a homeowner, but a business that has many people working in a space during the day is different. When you’re paying HVAC operational costs for a business, you need to watch your expenses. Try adjusting the temperature in your workplace by a few degrees. The adjustment itself likely won’t impact productivity or comfort, and it can result in big savings on your company’s utility bills.

Adjust Humidity Levels

Humidity is a measure of the water vapor in the air. When the humidity level is too low, the dry air causes people to get itchy skin and sore throats. When the humidity is too high, moisture builds up, which can allow mold and bacteria to grow. Keep in mind, however, that not every climate or every building offers the same environmental conditions.

OSHA recommends an indoor humidity level between 20 and 60 percent for commercial businesses. Adjust humidity levels in the summer and in the winter to find out what level works best for your businesses. Small changes shouldn’t affect comfort or indoor air quality and will result in energy savings over time.

Set Temperature Zones

Not every room of your Georgia business requires the same comfort level. Set up unoccupied areas, such as storage rooms, with their own thermostats. This precision control will allow you to stop heating or cooling an area that workers rarely enter during the workday.

Do Routine Maintenance

Commercial HVAC equipment runs all day, so when you want to reduce commercial heating and cooling costs, efficiency is key. Routine maintenance is a sure way to keep your existing system running efficiently and reliably.

As a DIY task, make sure to change or clean the HVAC system’s air filter regularly. To protect your HVAC investment, subscribe to an HVAC system maintenance plan from a reputable HVAC contractor. Maintenance plans are a worthy investment, as trained technicians can recognize worn parts and replace them before they become a burden on your system. When your system is properly maintained, it is less likely to break down and will run at its peak efficiency.

Invest in Advanced Equipment

As technology advances, so does the efficiency of newer HVAC units. Investing in an advanced system could save you money every month, so that you can recover your upfront costs for installation.

Have one of our professional E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning technicians assess your building’s heating and cooling needs to find out whether your business should upgrade. These technicians will be able to tell you if the system you have is appropriately sized to your building and recommend an upgrade to a more efficient system if necessary.

Our knowledgeable technicians at E. Smith Heating & Air Conditioning are NATE-certified specialists. For expert maintenance and advice about your commercial HVAC equipment in the Dunwoody, Georgia, area, call us at 678-369-8866.

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